Sugamya Shiksha

Corporate Social Responsibility Program of PAGE Industries Limited

Sugamya Shiksha is a model program conceptualized and planned by GRAAM to make Government schools as a model that enables comprehensive learning environment. The thrust of the program is to have a holistic approach with new initiatives for strengthening the Government programs/activities of the schools. The program is supported by PAGE (Jockey) industries.

Project Snapshot:

Project Name: Sugamya Shiksha
Project Sanction Date 1st July 2016
Project Period Phase 1: 1st July 2016 to 31st March 2017

Phase 2: 01st April 2017 to 31st March 2022

Project Location Phase 1: Selected Government Schools in Bengaluru

Phase 2: Selected Government Schools across Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hassan and Chikkaballapur districts

Implementation Partner Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement
Project Team Project Director and Mentor:
Mr. Basavaraju R, Executive Director – GRAAMProject Manager and Contact Person:
Ms. Usha. C.R, Sr.Manager – CSR Programs

The project aims at strengthening public education system by complementing resources to ensure comprehensive learning and development of children.

The objective is to build synergy between the school and the other stakeholders, mainly the local community.Also, to create an extended platform at school to facilitate effective learning which is not limited to the syllabus, but which would motivate the children to pursue education with a clear dream and aspiration in life.

The program focuses on the children coming from diversified cultural and socio-economic background. Create an environment to harness child’s creative nature and to gain knowledge out of their experience.

As the initial step for first six months, the program is being implemented in three Government schools in Bengaluruwith an aim to reach 1000 children. Planning to expand in the next phase to 04 districts covering 19 Schools benefitting around 5000 children.

Phase-1 — 2016/17

Name of the School Grade
Kudlu Higher Primary and High School
Begur Higher Primary and High School
Kodichikkanahalli Higher Primary School

Phase-2 — 2017/18


Name of the School Grade
Kudlu High School
Begur High School
Kodichikkanahalli High School


Name of the School Grade
Udbur Higher Primary School
Udbur High School
Uttanahalli Higher Primary School


Name of the School Grade
Devegowda Nagara Higher Primary School
Devegowda Nagara High School
Hanumanthapura Higher Primary and High School

Projects under the ‘Sugamya Shiksha” program:

Project Objectives
Sandhya Shale To create an extended learning and activity platform beyond school hours to address the challenges for learning at home.
Skill labs


To bridge the skill-education gaps (life, language, social, soft) in the existing learning system at school
Education support program for high school children To conduct supplementary classes to equip children to perform well in examinations and support them to continue their education

Children’s health Program

· To provide health education and awareness to the children

· Assistive aids and services for children with disability

Jockey Fit Children Program

Physical education and sports

To enhance the health and physical fitness of children and to develop their interest in sports and create opportunities for them to play and channelize their potential in a positive direction
Integrated energy solutions for schools To find alternative and integrated solutions for addressing resource deficiency at the school level
My Country, My Pride


To create awareness and inculcate the spirit of nationalism and encourage children to participate in nation building activities

(Water Sanitation Hygiene and Energy)


To develop and strengthen the health & hygiene concept among teachers and students and to create models of sanitation at the school level.
School development Project
To facilitate the strengthening of School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMCs) to ensure community participation in school development activities

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