Research projects under state training and Resource Centre

Donor / Client: STRC VLEAD

Financial Year / Assignment Period: 2015

State Training and Resource Centre (STRC) is one of the key programs in the Training Division of Vivekananda Institute for Leadership Development V-LEAD, supported by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO). The role of STRC is to strengthen the capacity of Targeted intervention project staff, funded and technically supported by Karnataka State AIDS Prevention society (KSAPS) and also in support of Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) as a research partner. STRC lays emphasis on the development of Human Resources working in Targeted Intervention (TI) and establishes innovative learning systems for their capacity building by engaging technical experts and community mentors. The Targeted Intervention program is a customized practice model to improve the health condition among marginalized core population; this program is to improve health outcomes among the high risk groups. The more focused core groups are Female Sex Workers (FSWs), Male Sex Workers (MSM/TGs), Injecting Drug Users (IUDs) and other bridge population are truckers and migrant workers. Under five research topics, field survey was conducted by STRC staff and required information was collected using a set of pre tested questionnaires.

Core function of STRC


GRAAM involved as a research partner in this project and helped in analyzing and reporting the data. The purpose of this survey is to provide a platform for further research studies in this field.