The Indian government is the largest service provider in the education sector, upholding the Constitution’s mandate of free education as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Despite this, many continue to enroll their children in fee-paying private schools, creating financial burdens for their families, or choose to not send their children to school at all.




Little do we realize the importance of the government education in the era of ever-increasing private institutions. This has led to close down of many Government schools or drastic decrease in their enrollment ratio.

The government is striving to improve the standard of learning and teaching, and GRAAM with its Project Sugamya Siksha choose to stand with the Government in all its efforts to deliver the best.

Sugamya Shiksha is a model program conceptualized and planned by GRAAM to make Government schools as a model that enables comprehensive learning environment. The thrust of the program is to have a holistic approach with new initiatives for strengthening the Government programs/activities of the schools.


One such recent initiative under the project was held in Chikkaballapur District where GRAAM has adopted three Schools. All the stakeholders of the Schools were gathered and briefed about importance of Government Schools and our Project to walk hand in hand for a brighter future.


Dr Tejashwini B Y, Special Officer, Karnataka State Higher Educational Council graced the occasion and spoke the importance of the active participation of stakeholders in the overall development of the school and the beautiful relationship of a teacher and a student.


We are proud to announce that this was one of our many steps to make Education not learning of facts but the training of minds to think.