Qualitative Analysis of Narratives of Educational Leadership Development Facilitators

Education Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is an initiative of the Policy Planning Unit, a joint establishment of Azim Premji Foundation (APF) and Dept. of Education, Govt. of Karnataka. ELDP was implemented with the support of Centre for Leadership and Management in Public Services (C-LAMPS), Bangalore in 2007.

ELDP employed a cascade model to reach out to the grassroots level education functionaries such as BRPs and CRPs through Education Leadership Development Facilitators (ELDFs). ELDFs received a holistic picture of education leadership and management during their training which was to be passed on to the next level of functionaries ie CRPs and BRPs. CRPs and BRPs were trained by their respective ELDFs and with the goal of internalizing class-room learning, CRP/BRPs carried out Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs). They were ably supported by their respective ELDFs which ended up in the completion of 1200+ QIPs across 19 districts in Karnataka.

As part of their training, CRPs and BRPs carried out Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs) with support from the ELDFs. Through this project, we analyzed the narratives written by ELDFs about QIPs they coached and other associated experiences, using qualitative techniques. The study helps in revealing the underlying theory of ELDP as expressed by ELDFs in their stories.

The project gave GRAAM a rich experience in Qualitative Analysis and the associated tools. A comprehensive report of the analysis has been compiled and due for publication.