Thematic Area: Natural Resources Use and Management

This study will focus on the water scenario on available information and data. Information on development, use, management, water governance, water related policies, cross-boundary issues and agreements will be examined. The document will also define problems/issues related to all the aspects of water resources to the Karnataka State.

Project Snapshot:

Project Name: Preparation of Karnataka State Specific Action Plans (SSAP) on Water: Towards Security, Safety and Sustainability: 2050-under the National Water Mission.
Project Sanction Date 17th December 2018
Project Period 17th April 2019
Project Location Karnataka State
Project Supported by Advance Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management (ACIWRM)
Implementation Partner Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM)
Project Team
Team Leader Dr.Syed Ajmal Pasha
Governance Specialist Mr.Basavaraju R
Water Resources Specialist Mr.M N Thippeswamy
Environmental Specialist Dr.C.V. Krishnamurthy
Scope of Work • Describing the water scenario on both, the demand and supply side(River Basin-Wise and district- wise, with all sources-like precipitation, surface water, lakes, ground water etc)
• Reviewing existing water policies and regulations
• Identifying current and future development needs and challenges
• Formulating performance indicators for each water cycle
• Formulating the Annual state water budget
• Assessing the impact of Climate Change on Resources
• Formulating strategic Action plan to manage the impact of climate change
• formulating a comprehensive and integrated water plan for water security, safety and sustainability till 2050.