Inclusive Development: Focusing on Persons with Disability

In collaboration

GRAAM is in the process of partnering with leading institutions such as Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute (EDI). GRAAM has partnered with EDI in evaluating a world bank initiative in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India that focuses on establishing community based rehabilitation and economic empowerment of people with disabilities. GRAAM also completed a study examining inclusion of PwD in MNREGA program in Karnataka. EDI’s Director Dr. Sussane Bruyere and Research Faculty Dr. Arun Karpur are the technical advisors of GRAAM guiding disability portfolio.

Concepts and Thoughts

  • Developing a Transition Assistance Programme Model for facilitating employment for persons with disability
  • Leveraging technology for empowering PwDs at the grassroots level

GRAAM is happy to collaborate and partner with organizations and agencies committed to develop program models for empowering PwDs, particularly to include them in employment as well as a true stakeholders in the process of development.

GRAAM believes that the voice of marginalized should be communicated empirically, not with mere emotions to reach policy makers effectively.

Research and Policy Studies

  • In collaboration with Employment and Disability Institute, Cornell University, USA conducted research and evaluation studies in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states.
  • A study in Karnataka to understand ‘Inclusion of PwD in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’ was successfully conducted.
  • Impact of participation in SHGs on economic empowerment, livelihood and community inclusion for PwD in Andhra Pradesh.


  • Advocacy Activities: Organized workshops / panel Discussion in Bangalore and Mysore creating platform to dialogue PwD inclusion in corporate institutions in collaboration with industries and NGOs.
  • Included section on PwD inclusion in the strategy focus document developed for Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Mission.
  • Strongly advocated for considering PwD families as the ‘most priority’ target group in providing specially designed toilet facility in the proposed Karnataka Sanitary Facilities Guarantee Act 2014.
  • Continuing efforts to include PwD in NREGA workforce by studying best practices across other states in the country.

Centre for Disability and Development.

GRAAM commitment to work comprehensively for the empowerment of Person with Disability especially for their employment and the voice of the disabled to be embodied in the policies meant for them along with the reasons discussed below has led to this initiative.

  • Underreported PwD prevalence: lack of cohesive definition, data management system.
  • Lack of systematic mechanism to reach the ‘voice of disabled people’ to the policy makers not merely with emotions, but with empiricism.
  • Disability is often perceived by Governments as problem, but not as a priority. The focus at the moment is more on ‘welfare’ than ‘inclusion & empowerment’.
  • Emerging corporate economy having high potential to ensure strong tripartite (Govt-Corporate-Civil Society) partnership.
  • Need for research-based advocacy agency strongly expressed by Civil society and Corporates during the workshops conducted by GRAAM – EDI in Karnataka.
  • Existing best practices at EDI in the US can be effectively adopted.

GRAAM is in the process of establishing an exclusive center for Disability and Development to effectively work with Government, Corporate and Civil Society Organizations as a Knowledge Partner.

Networks and Affiliations

  • Employment and Disability Institute, Cornell University, USA.
  • Disability NGOs Alliance (DNA) – Karnataka.
  • Various Civil Society Movement / Consortiums.

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a) GRAAM’s e-Ability project for Social Impact

b) On the occasion of upcoming “United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities” (Dec 3rd)