Preparation of Manual for benchmarking program evaluation or output grading of evaluation reports

Theme: Consultation, Strategy development
Duration: October 2012 to May 2013
Project partners: Karnataka Evaluation Authority, Dept. of Planning, Program Monitoring and Statistics, Govt. of Karnataka

With an aim of putting in place a framework for grading evaluation reports in a scientific and transparent manner, the Karnataka Evaluation Authority has made an effort in developing a manual for benchmarking program evaluations. In this context, GRAAM is providing its strategic consultancy services to the KEA in developing a manual with parameters to determine quality and standard of an evaluation report.

Literature survey was conducted to understand the practices employed by United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG), American National Standards Institute and British Council among others. The draft manual has taken into account several aspects with regard to evaluation and standards and as a result, the document provides an output grading plan and checklist for evaluating the reports. Gaps or limiting factors in assessing the work of the evaluation consultant were also analysed.

The first draft has been presented to the KEA committee and a copy has been submitted for feedback.