Become an Intern at GRAAM

Internship at GRAAM

GRAAM provides exciting opportunities for students and young professionals to work as interns. The nature of work and duration of internship will vary significantly based on the projects in which the interns will involve.

GRAAM engages in research and advocacy work in sectors including public health, education, community governance, social security, human development, etc. Hence the interns have the opportunity to work with a team with experience and expertise in diverse disciplines.

Those universities and colleges wishing to set up internship programs with GRAAM, please contact us at

Application Process

GRAAM accepts internship applications from undergraduate and graduate students (Masters and PhD programmes) from Indian and foreign colleges and universities throughout the year. However, applications will be processed based on the availability of internship opportunities in different projects.

GRAAM reviews internship through the ‘GRAAM Internship Committee (GIC)’ to evaluate the applications and to coordinate the processes. The GIC for the current year is convened by Dr. Surashree Shome. Each applicant undergoes a careful screening process, which takes about 4 weeks for the decision process.

How to apply?
Candidates interested in applying for internship , please do fill the application form and submit with brief CV.

Click here to download the Application form

Internship areas at GRAAM


  • Literature and Policy Review
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Field work
  • Documentation


  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Documentation
  • Events handling – coordination and logistics
  • Networking and follow-up

Media and documentation

  • Media handling and coordination
  • Generating media briefs, news stories etc
  • Photo and video documentation


  • Minimum duration: 3 to 4 weeks (Interns involving in research activities are encouraged to work for a minimum of 2 months).
  • Maximum duration: There is no maximum duration suggested, but the progress of the interns would be thoroughly reviewed once every 3 months.

Available Opportunities with GRAAM

What are the benefits of doing an internship at GRAAM? / Why I should do it with GRAAM?

Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) primarily focuses on public policy research and advocacy. The organization, head quartered in cultural city of Mysore, believes in incorporating grassroots perspectives in research, and advocate policy which is driven by empirical evidence through a collaborative approach and dialogue. GRAAM aims to ensure that ‘voices’ of the communities at the grassroots are significantly accounted for in the process of development and believes in enriching the interaction among all stakeholders of development – community, State, the NGO sector and the private sector.

Internship gives you an opportunity –

  • To work at grassroots level – Urban, Rural, and Tribal areas.
  • To visit field areas for understanding the issues at ground level.
  • To work in various research studies related to Policy advocacy.
  • To gain practical knowledge of research (quantitative and qualitative) methodologies
  • To gain further insights into the functioning of the Government bodies/institutions through interactions at various levels (from Village to Metropolitan cities)
  • To meet and work with Government and Non-Government professionals, organizations and communities.

What educational skills should I have?

We are looking for interns (both bachelors and masters) with the following educational skills:

  • Masters in Arts/ Public Health/ Social work/Development Management/ Corporate Social Responsibility/ Media and Communication/ Journalism/ Information and Technology.

If you have skills that are not mentioned above, but feel strongly that you can add value to the project, feel free to share your strengths across.

Can I get academic credit for my internship?

  • Internship completion certificate will be issued, along with a letter providing details of your contribution to the project.
  • We do not offer any academic credit from our end. If your academic institution stipulates us filling a feedback form that will help you get credits, you are welcome to send the form across after completion of internship.

Do I get paid for working as an intern at GRAAM?

  • It is an unpaid internship.

Is it a full time or part-time internship?

  • We offer only full-time internships, as we believe that the learning for the student is higher when he/she is immersed fully into the project for the entire duration of the project period.

What is the internship fee for student?

Sl. No. Particulars Cost Per Month Cost Per Month
    Indian student Foreign student
1 Admin charges 2000 15,000
2 Internship Fee 3000

What is the time duration of internship period at GRAAM?

  • Minimum of three weeks and maximum of eight weeks.

How much time in advance do I need to apply?

  • Six to Eight weeks before your schedule time of internship.
  • You are required to submit the google form (link) along with the following document –
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Identify Proof
  • Bonafide Certificate issued by the institution or Letters of Reference/Recommendation by an institutional authority
  • Documentary proof about Educational Qualification
  • CV

Do you provide an accommodation during my period of stay?

We provide accommodation (expenses to be paid by the intern) for Interns working from Mysuru office.
We currently do not have accommodation for Bengaluru office. However, we will guide you to the possible places where you can find decent accommodation at reasonable price.

How am I going to be involved during my internship period?

We have planned out an immersion schedule to ensure that you have a good birds-eye view before you go deeper into the project.

The schedule is as follows. We sometimes tailor it to Intern’s prior experience as well.

Day 1 Orientation about GRAAM
Day 2 Tour – SVYM and various campus
Day 3
  • Assigning to mentor
  • In certain cases, you will be requiring to work with multiple mentors.
  • Compulsory field visit.
  • Must involve with research and community consultation teams.
Day 4 onwards Project Internship
Last 3 days of internship Presentation of your work

Are there any specific months to apply for the internship?

  • No, you are welcome to apply throughout the year.