GRAAM Scholar Program (GSP)

Application Deadline Duration: Periods: (select any one)
April 15th, 2019 30 days 1. May 15th 2019 to June 15th 2019
2. June 01st 2019 to June 30th 2019

For a student/trainee, internship is meant to learn as well as gain work experience while working in a relevant organization. Our past experiences with students says that in most of the cases they are engaged with work where learning is minimal. Hence, GRAAM designed a unique concept of one month long ‘scholar program’ where students will gain practical experience of conducting a research/policy study with the field partners under the mentorship of GRAAM, and also publishing their work (if selected) in the annual journal of the organization. Thus, the program has come over with a threefold objective:

  • For intern: to provide a combined objective of providing a true grassroots experience blended with a participatory research model to the young scholars. Also, possibility of having a publication disseminated through GRAAM’s bulletin and annual publication.
  • For Grassroots organization: to support in documenting their work and helping them to deep routing their understanding about the issues of their community.
  • For GRAAM: the pilot studies will provide evidences from grassroots to take forward larger studies and evidence based advocacy.

To facilitate the scholar program, GRAAM will initiate its activities months ahead of the program. Please, refer the table below to understand the various phases of the program.

Phases of the Program Activities Under Each Phase
1. Pre Program Activity GRAAM has joined hands with many grass root organizations working in Karnataka to study the various issues of interest in current development field. Selected members from these organizations will participate in a 2 days basic training program of GRAAM on research methodology. These partner organizations will be encouraged to take an issue for research/documentation relevant to their work. Under the guidance/support from GRAAM, the members of the organizations will collect data and other related information for the study.
2. Initiation of the Program The program will start with one and half days basic training program on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, which will be followed by ahalf day discussion about the selected topic with the mentor. This discussion will detail out the methodology and role of scholar in the research. Based on the discussion, the intern need to develop a proposal with the support of the mentor in next three days.
3. Field Visit After the first five days’ program in the main center of GRAAM (Mysuru), Scholar will leave for the field area of the partner organization and will work with them for a fortnight. In this phase scholar will collect required information and analyze it along with the support of the provided mentor and grassroots organization. It needed to be mentioned here that the candidate have to work with the grassroots organization with bare minimum available amenities.
4. Presentation of the Report In the last one week of the program, the scholar will write the report with the help of the mentor and present it on the second last day of the internship program. Scholar will carry the comments/suggestions given during the presentation and will send the final report in next 15 days. In this phase, the scholar is allowed to take a support of their institutional faculty to enrich the study.
5. Final Output GRAAM is planning to publish selected studies in its annual journal. The scholars, along with mentor, are also allowed to publish their work in various national/international journal.

Thus, the program with GRAAM will not only help scholar to gain an experience of working with a multidisciplinary team of GRAAM but also to work in field with local partners, and publish their study.

Why this program is different from other internship programs?

  • We mentor the students throughout their internship
  • We provide opportunity to work with grassroots organization.
  • We provide training on research methodologies.
  • We guide the student in designing as well as writing the report.
  • We would strive to take the output produced by the scholar to the logical end.
  • We provide an opportunity to work in research oriented environment.

Who should apply? (Age is NO bar for the applicant)

  • Indian and International citizens.
  • Post Graduate students in Social Sciences/Social Work/Development Management/Business Administration from national/international institution.
  • Researchers and practitioners in development sector.

Language and other skills:

  • Theory classes will be held in English language. The knowledge of Kannada will be an added advantage to understand and interact with community in field/ in practical classes.
  • Prior knowledge on development sector (optional).

Selection Process:

Maximum 20 interns will be selected to undertake the course in a year. The program committee at GRAAM will take the final decision based on the documents submitted by the applicant. The scholars would be informed about their selection before 30th April, 2019.

Program Expenditure:

1 Internship Fees INR 10,000/-
2 Food and Accommodation (excluding program fees) It should be taken care by the candidates. However, the organization will support the scholars to find appropriate accommodation near the organization. Roughly it will cost around INR 7,000/- (including food and stay at field area)

Scholarship Support:

GRAAM will provide partial scholarship to the needy and deserving candidates. The candidate has to submit a separate letter with a title “request for partial/full scholarship” along with the other documents. The discretion of awarding scholarship is completely rests with the organization.

For more information email us at

Contact Dr. Ananya Samajdar, Convener of the Internship Committee or

Procedure for submitting the application:

Please fill the following form and mail it to or before April 15th, 2019