GRAAM chosen as finalist to Vodafone “Mobile for Good” Awards



GRAAM presented an innovative community based project that utilizes a low cost technology called “Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)”. After an intense round of presentations, GRAAM was chosen as a finalist to the Vodafone’s “Mobile for Good Awards”.

Following are the details:

Overall objective and challenge addressed

Meeting community needs and providing information for better health facilities.

Innovation: This technology facilitates capturing community perspectives on the delivery of health services at the grassroots level. The committee members are trained to respond to a questionnaire about the services and facilities of their PHC on a quarterly basis using IVRS on their mobile phones. There is generation of an automated process to analyze the monitoring information and preparation of ranks, based on weighted performance in multiple indicators of public health. As the community perspectives are recorded in the digitalised form, it is much easier to generate the ranking card and disseminate it through SMS as well as hard copies.

Generation and dissemination of ranking cards have helped people to compare the performance of other neighbouring PHCs. Increased competitive nature has resulted in increasing community participation to bring changes.

Impact: The project’s field facilitators worked intensively with PMC members in 34 out of 112 PHCs in rural Mysuru facilitating regular meetings among the members, dialogue with doctors, identification of problems and strategizing on addressing them locally, or escalation of the matter appropriately.

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