Skill building program for less privileged youth under Titan’s Corporate Social Responsibility  was initiated with the objective of ‘providing employment linked skill building programs for underprivileged youths, with a special focus to girls, SC/ST community and People with Disability (PwD)’.

ANTS the implementing partner is especially providing trainings to underprivileged youth from poor economic background, School and College Drop outs, and final year students of graduation. TITAN Company Ltd has authorized GRAAM to evaluate and to assess the midterm impact of the program.


Project Name: Evaluation and Impact Assessment of  Skill Development program for less privileged youth under Titan’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Project Sanction Date 27th August 2018
Project Period 16th August to 31st March 2019
Project Location Krishnagiri District , Tamil Nadu .
Project Supported by TITAN Company Ltd.
Implementation Partner Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement
Project Team Project Director and Mentor: 
Mr. Basavaraju R, Executive Director
Project Manager and Contact person: 
Mr.Bhagavan Bidarakote, Manager Strategic Consultation.
Research Team
Dr.Ananya , Ms.Nagina Suresh
Scope of Work: Study to evaluate the Skill Development Program implemented by ANTS with the support of TITAN Purpose of this evaluation is to understand:
a. Whether the program design is appropriate
b. Partner’s capabilities and processes with respect to mobilization of youth, quality of trainers, curriculum, quality of training, placement and post placement tracking
c. Choice of colleges for the college based training programs (i.e. when the training is done in low profile colleges)
d. Other popular / successful and comparable skilling programs and how the program can be further improved
Evaluation Objectives:
1. Evaluating the outputs of the project as per the objectives mentioned in the project plan and results expected to be achieved
2. Assessing the outcome of the project to understand improvement / positive changes in the life of the youth targeted through the project.
3. Evaluating the process followed in the project vis-à-vis the plan through the available documents.