The study was aimed at understanding the employment needs and opportunities for the PwDs (People with Disabilities) living in rural areas of Mysore and Gadag districts of Karnataka state. This study will be done with an objective to provide necessary inputs for designing interventions for promoting employment among PwDs. The study will explore the opportunities available for PwDs through consultations with various stakeholders. A mixed method (an appropriate amalgamation of qualitative and quantitative methodologies) will be adopted for this study considering the limitations of a single-method approach and to get actionable data for the decision makers. GRAAM is evaluating to assess the midterm impact of the program.


Project Name: A study to understand  the employment  needs & opportunities for PWD in Mysore and Gadag
Project Sanction Date 06-Feb-18
Project Period April 2018 to August 2018
Project Location 1) Gadag District
2) Mysore District
Project Supported by Disability NGO Alliance (DNA)
Implementation Partner Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement
Project Team Project Director and Mentor: 
Mr. Basavaraju R, Executive Director
Project Coordinator and Contact person: 
Dr.Rajendra Prasad – Sr.Research Fellow, Dr.Shivaprasad,Mr.Biswajith,Mr.Bhagavan
Scope of work
• To study the social and economic needs for PwD to look for employment opportunity
• Socio Economic status
• Accessibility of Government schemes and services
• Actual dependency on PwD by the other family  members
• Real need for employment
• To understand the motivation / attitude of PwD to work within and outside their habitat
• Willingness to participate in skill development
• Interest and inhibitions to work
• Enabling and hindering factors for Pwd’s within  the family and society

• To understand the employable and marketable skills in the district  for PwD
• Opportunities for PwD in the study area
• Perception of demand side
• Emerging employment opportunities