Dr. Surashree Shome

Designation: Research Head
E-mail ID: surashree@graam.org.in

Surashree has been working with us since June 2016. She has a PhD in Geography form Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. Later, she did PGD Course in ‘Universalizing Social Security’ from ISS, Den Hague, Netherlands. Her research primarily focuses on water and sanitation, public policy and rural livelihood. Before her association with GRAAM, she worked as Research Advisor to CBPS (Bangalore), Research Manager in Arghyam (Bangalore), Reader at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad and Research Coordinator for Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Ahmedabad. Other than this, she also worked with various national and international organizations as a research consultant, like WaterAid India (Madhya Pradesh), ActionAid (Madhya Pradesh), Knowledge Links Pvt Limited (New Delhi), BASIX, WASTE (Netherlands), ASA (Madhya Pradesh), Cohesion Foundation (Gujarat). She is also a Board of Director of Best practices Foundation, Bangalore.


  1. Let’s Build a Toilet
  2. Transforming Livelihood in Peri-Urban Interface: A Case of Hinnakki village from Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Some of her publications are:

  1. What is New in NBA? – A paper discussing the Nirmal Bharat Programme of Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation against their previous programme on sanitation (TSC). (http://www.indiawaterportal.org)
  2. “Stitching is Not Paying” – a study to know the impact of the financial crisis on the garment workers of Ahmedabad and Indore city. The study was conducted by SEWA with the support of UNDP. The study is on the process of publishing by UNDP. Refer http://www.in.undp.org/content/dam/india/docs/sewa_web_final.pdf
  3. “Trash has Crashed” – a study to know the impact of the financial crisis on the waste-pickers of Ahmedabad city. The study was conducted by SEWA and UNDP. The study would be published by UNDP. Refer http://www.in.undp.org/content/dam/india/docs/sewa_web_final.pdf
  4. “Implication of Livestock on Watershed” – a research study commenced by DANIDA (The Danish Embassy) has focused on the importance of the livestock in the life of various stakeholders in rural areas and its implication on watershed management prejects. The study has been published by DANIDA.
  5. “Hands that Rolls Bidi” – a socio-economic research study on the female bidi workers of Murshidabad district. The study was jointly funded by Labour Ministry, Government of West Bengal, SEWA and Indian Tobacco Corporation. It is later on published by SEWA Academy, Ahmedabad. (refer www.sewaacademy.org)
  6. “Small and Marginal Farmers of Gujarat” – a research study on small and marginal farmers of Gujarat to understand the ongoing changes in agriculture and its relative effect on their socio-economic condition. Study also emphasis the problems of large farmers and agricultural labourer’s of the state. The book has been published by SEWA (refer www.sewaacademy.org)
  7. “Problems While Organising” published by SEWA on September 17, 2003 (tenth anniversary of SEWA Federation). The paper discusses the problems faced by women co-operatives and the needed actions to eradicate it. The study has been published by SEWA.
  8. “Neighbors of Global Village: A Rendezvous with Small Farmers from Gujarat” – a paper on impact of recent liberalization policies on agriculture published by National Productivity Council, New Delhi in their quarterly journal of December 2004.