Dr G Rajagopal

Designation: PROFESSOR ( RETIRED )
E-mail ID: drgrajagopal@gmail.com

Dr. G Rajagopal

Professional Experience:

Teaching  Experience:

  • July-1972 : Started career as Lecturer in English at E.S. College of  Arts, Science and Commerce, Malleshwaram., Bengaluru
  • 1975 – 77 : Worked as Teacher-Trainer at  Regional Institute of  English, Chandigarh ( Union  Territory ).
  • January 1978: Joined  CIEFL /  EFL-U,  Hyderabad,  and   Retired from EFL-U  on  31st May, 2013.                      


  • Teacher of English,  Teacher-Trainer, Trainer-Trainer, Resource Person for Training in ELT as well as Training the Corporate Personnel ;
  • Specialist in Bi- / Multilingualism; Classroom ELT Theories and Practices;
  • Research into the role of L1 (Mother Tongue) in the Teaching of English, and  Helping Teachers of English (especially those with a dominant L1-background) cope with problems in Teaching English in  Rural and Urban set-ups in India and elsewhere across the World,
  • For Ph.D :: Developed a   “Bilingual Reading Methodology”   to enable Class Nine Kannada (L1)-medium Learners learn better Reading
  • Skills in English (L2), and used their knowledge of L1 ( Kannada ) as a  helpful and a  productive ‘Resource’  in this process,
  • Specialist in ELT and its related Areas such as TESL / TEFL / TESOL, and ESP / EST / EAP / EOP  ;   Phonetics and Spoken English  ;Communication Skills ;  Testing, Assessment  and  Examination Reforms ; Presentation Skills,  and   Personality Development
  • Author / Editor of  Books, Articles and  Research Papers / Publications, Dean,  I/C-VC,  I/C-Registrar, HOD etc at CIEFL / EFLU, Hyderabad,
  • Member, Karnataka State Textbook Committee and DSERT, Karnataka.
  • Member, Boards of Studies in English in a few Indian Universities
  • Member, National Academic Advisory, K.V. Sanghatan, MHRD / GOI
  • ( Chairman, Core Committee for preparation of a Position Paper for
  • Teaching English in India, an NCERT / GOI Project.
  • Organised National and  International Seminars /  Conferences / Symposia,
  • Travelled widely in India  and  Overseas
  • Taken part in Dramatics  as Actor,  Director  and  Stage-hand.