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Preparation of Karnataka State Specific Action Plans (SSAP) on Water: Towards Security, Safety and Sustainability: 2050 -Under the National Water Mission.

Thematic Area: Natural Resources Use and Management

This study will focus on the water scenario on available information and data. Information on development, use, management, water governance, water related policies, cross-boundary issues and agreements will be examined. The document will also define problems/issues related to all the aspects of water resources to the Karnataka State.

Project […]

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Makkala Santhe in Kodichikkanahalli School, Bangalore- 4th Sep 2018

Financial literacy is not an end in itself, but a step-by-step process. It begins in childhood and continues throughout a person’s life all the way to retirement. Instilling the financial literacy message in Children is especially important because they will carry it for the rest of their lives. We want to do our part to […]

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Stakeholder Induction Training Program- Chikkaballapur- 3rd Sep 2018

The Indian government is the largest service provider in the education sector, upholding the Constitution’s mandate of free education as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Despite this, many continue to enroll their children in fee-paying private schools, creating financial burdens for their families, or choose to not send […]

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GRAAM organized a 2-day convention of “First State Level Teachers Experiential Research Conference” from May 25 to 26, 2018 at Mysuru. The conference was supported by the Department of Public Instruction, Government of Karnataka and witnessed the participation of around 70 delegates from all districts of Karnataka. They included officials from the Education Department, policy […]

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Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game. – A Note on Sugamya Shiksha’s Kreedotsava

Introduction: Sports in India Since Independence – Policies and Issues

Physical education is an important yardstick and also an integral part of education in any country at any point of time. Realizing that, within a year after independence, the Government of India established a committee in 1948 known as the Tara Chand Committee to improve the […]

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Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation Workshop -Building Evidence Based Policy Advocates

GRAAM, in association with Cornell University, USA, conducted a sixteen-day Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation Workshop at ISEC Bengaluru from 3rd July 2018 to 18th July 2018.  The workshop was intended to build capacities in understanding the process and methods of evidence-based policy analysis and program evaluation and strengthen the notion of evidence-based policy advocacy.

Program […]

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Summer Camps in Government Schools

Period: April 9th -May 9th, 2018

Venue: Five Government Schools under Sugamya Shiksha Project of GRAAM

Time: 9 am to 2pm

Average number of children participating in each camp:  60 children


Children after the final exams,“Hurrah……………….. holiday started!”. 

Parents after the final exams, “Aiyyo!……………. Holiday started, now what to do with kids?” 


Between the end of one academic year […]

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GRAAM signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a period of five years with Mauritius Society Renewal (MSR), a public policy thinktank actively engaged in advocacy and policy change for democratic consolidation based in Mauritius. Based on mutual agreement, the MoU is intended to (a) facilitate exchange of faculty and students in the areas of mutual […]

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The most recent book written by Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, a trained medical doctor who has lived and worked with the tribal communities of Mysore District since thirty years, a leading policy thinker and advocate and development activist, Founder and Chairman of GRAAM, titled “Voices From The Grassroots” is on the unheeded stories of silent grassroot […]

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Inaugural session of the Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation Workshop is underway with V.K Malhotra, Member Secretary, Indian Council of Social Science Research

“Program evaluation done by citizens is a fundamental tenet of democracy” -Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla

“GRAAM was born out of a need to bridge the gap between academicians and practitioners” @drrbalu @r_basavaraju – at ISEC

The day 2 of Program Analysis and Program Evaluation week began with Prof Andrew Willford, Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University. His research focuses […]

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