GRAAM signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a period of five years with Mauritius Society Renewal (MSR), a public policy thinktank actively engaged in advocacy and policy change for democratic consolidation based in Mauritius. Based on mutual agreement, the MoU is intended to (a) facilitate exchange of faculty and students in the areas of mutual interest, (b) exchange information, publications, training materials etc. and (c) undertake collaborative research and development through appropriate technology transfer agreements based on necessary approvals.

Under this MoU, both institutions will also work together towards building deep and long-term collaboration through need-based and customised programs including short-term training courses, student exchange, Internships, International courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences, Professional exchanges of faculty/scientists and policy makers, Collaborative research and projects, Study tours, Membership in professional societies and associations, Technical advice, consultation on research, policy and management issues, Information exchange, books, journals and electronic resources, Online and distance learning courses.

More details about GRAAM’s collaboration with MSR can be found at https://defimedia.info/mauritius-society-renewal-le-think-tank-passe-laction.