Arogyashreni – Technology Enabled Community Governance of Primary Health Centers

Arogyashreni is an innovative community based project, which is being implemented by GRAAM in Mysore district since 2011. The main objective of the programme is to drive community-led change in the public health system by enhancing its planning and monitoring capacity. This is accomplished by utilizing a low cost technology called “Interactive Voices Response System (IVRS)”.

The project covers rural PHCs spread across the 7 taluks of Mysore district. As part of the project, selected members of the Planning and Monitoring committee of rural PHCs of the district are oriented towards facilities and services available in their PHCs. Every quarter, they survey the existing facilities and services offered by their PHCs and answer a ‘yes/no & numerical’ type monitoring questionnaire that captures the status-quo in their respective PHCs. These answers are collected through a digitized IVRS system. The responses from these members are scored and community score cards are generated for each PHC. Based on these scores, all the PHCs of the district are ranked. The ranking cards serve as tools for comparing performances as well as planning for specific improvements desired.

The use of this innovative low cost technology automates the data collection

Project Snapshot:
Theme Health
Project Type Evaluation
Status Completed
Sample field sites Districts: 13, Taluks: 48, PHCs: 150
Partner Agency/Client Karnataka Evaluation Authority, GoK

process and the whole cycle of community monitoring is carried out in considerably less time. This allows for presenting updated community based monitoring information to public representatives, health professionals and administrators. More importantly, it serves as a useful tool for identifying community needs and aiding community led changes within the PHC.

This project further allows us to understand aiding and hindering forces for community participation in public health governance and monitoring. The links below are the major outputs of the project.