GRAAM Annual Reatreat 2017

GRAAM held its 5th year retreat at Misty Palms resort, Theralu, Kodagu district. Eighteen members (13 members from the core team and 5 members of the Sugamya Shiksha project team) took part in the retreat, the others not being able to take time off from project work.

The retreat was a combination of discussions for the future of GRAAM, and team building. The team members debated several vital topics related to the core values and activities of GRAAM which would help the organization to move to the next level of its growth. With guidance from the Founder, Dr R Balasubramaniam, there

was an effort to look inwards, identify successes and areas for improvement, and chart a clear path for the future with relevant strategies. Dr Balasubramaniam reminded the team that GRAAM had travelled a long and hard path so far, the need for converting practitioner knowledge to academic content, and policy formation. He also emphasized that GRAAM must further strengthen its core functions which are research and advocacy. The team collectively identified national/state issues for focus in the upcoming years.

GRAAM is a perpetual experiment in progress. It has the unique advantage/opportunity of being able to bring communities to the center of attention, and translate common man’s language into policy.
Dr R Balasubramaniam, Founder, GRAAM