About us

Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) is a public policy research and advocacy initiative based in Mysore that focuses on research incorporating grassroots perspectives and policy advocacy driven by empirical evidence through a collaborative approach and dialogue. GRAAM aims to ensure that ‘voice’ of the communities at the grassroots are significantly accounted for in the process of development and believes in enriching the interaction among all stakeholders of development – the community, the State,the NGO sector and the private sector.

GRAAM has acquired the status of a legally independent entity since March 2014 after being incubated for approximately since its inception in January 2011 in Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) – a leading developmental organisation with nearly 3 decades of service and experience in the sectors of health, education, community development, training & capacity building. Read more about SVYM


GRAAM is committed to provide efficient services ensuring integrity and community focus with multi-disciplinary perspective and systematic approach in the processes adopted for taking initiatives to their logical conclusions.


GRAAM continuously innovates its systems and processes to ensure efficiency in services. Innovation is for optimal utilisation of resources and providing scope for produc-tive engagement and other stakeholders.


GRAAM engages with communities and other stake-holders to complement strengths, for mutual learning and to share values and contribute towards overall development of the society.

GRAAM Vision

  • Facilitating development that expands the capabilities and potential for growth within communities at the grassroots level, while respecting individual rights and values.

GRAAM Mission

  • To promote a higher standard of living, equal opportunities, civic empowerment, social responsibility, political participation, democratic dialogue and social justice
  • To impact development and expand human capabilities by expanding the reach of the four major players: the State, the community, the private sector and the NGO sector
  • To ensure sound public policy through relevant and active research, and strategic and informed advocacy