A Project to study suitability of Prema Vidya Audio-visual material for teaching of Science, Math and Social Science at the secondary level in Yadgir district of Karnataka

Basavaraju R, Dr. Rajendraprasad P., Dr. Doreraju, Bellegowda | Field Team: Premavidya Yadgir Project staff Sector: Secondary School Education, Action Research, ICT in Education, Program Evaluation.

Technology-assisted teaching has found relevance today in our lives as technology is being applied for finding solutions for several day-to-day problems. Using technology in the process of teaching-learning is becoming extremely common in private urban schools, especially in those which have introduced computers as a subject and have access to computers, projected media(over-head projectors)and other electronic media (Television, DVD players, multi-media projectors).

PremaVidya is one such technology-assisted intervention of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement conceived to address the educational needs of the economically disadvantaged groups in urban schools of Bengaluru and southern districts of Karnataka. The project has met with success in these schools.

PremaVidya teaching method is under implementation in Yadgir block of Yadgir district, Karnataka. There are 2 models in this project. While the School Support Services (SSS) model is being implemented in 29 schools, Saath Center model (iSSS) is under implementation in 11 schools. In these schools, audiovisual materials are being used to teach students. Yadgir is a very small district in Karnataka. Most students from this district have poor academic records and are the first school going students in their families. The students in Yadgir belong to a special socio-culture region and the difference can be noticed if we compare them to students from other parts of the State. They have their own language, religion and socioculture.

According to 2011 census, the district population of Yadgir was split into SC 23%, ST 11.6%, Muslims 9.8%, Minorities 13.8%. The Lambhani community, which forms a major chunk of the district’s population, comes under ST category. Out of the 10 lakhs of Lambhanis in Karnataka, Gulbarga (Kalaburagi), Yadgir and Belgaum (Belagavi) districts have a major share together. Yadgir district has 44,225 Lambhani families (Narasimha Nayak 1997 and BVV Rathod 1996-97, 2007). In this light, an action research was carried out to find answers to the following questions.

  • Do PremaVidya audio-visual materials fit into their needs?
  • What achievements have been made using PremaVidya materials?
  • What are the barriers to use this material?
  • What are the suggestions to overcome these barriers?

While more such questions could have been included, it would have been difficult to find answers to all of them. PremaVidya audio-visual materials are being used as an experiment to create a new learning environment.

The action research study evaluated whether the audio-visual materials of Mathematics, Science and Social Science subjects were suitable for the learners in Yadgir district or the learner’s socio-cultural, linguistic requirements required some modifications. The study also evaluated which subjects required modifications and tried to understand required modification of materials in accordance with the background of Yadgir.